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Question: How do I announce my event on the SENSE Research Clusters?

A post with the relevant Research Clusters is an effective way to target the right audience in SENSE. You can post the event in the Forum of that Research Cluster. All cluster members will receive an e-mail about your post unless they have chosen to unsubscribe from the forum.

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the Research Clusters and to the relevant* cluster page(s)
  3. Click on ‘Forums’ (under Activities, left hand side) and post your event (with relevant links) in ‘Forum RC...’.

* If your event is relevant for all SENSE Research Clusters, send an email to info@sense.nl, to publish your event on the general SENSE website and e-News!

You can also put the final registration date and course dates on the cluster’s Calendar. When participants log in, they will see this (and calander events of all clusters they are subscribed to) in their personal moodle calendar.

On the cluster page, click on ‘New Event’ (under Upcoming Events, right hand side). Add a ‘Course event’.

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