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Question: What are SENSE Research Clusters?

SENSE as a network of researchers from 11 partner universities and institutes. To facilitate cooperation and exchange between researchers of different SENSE partners, researchers with similar field of interest, can organise themselves through the SENSE Research Clusters.

We have in total 20 Research Clusters. All clusters have their own research cluster page with many options and tools, such as online enrolment, discussion forum, resource sharing centre, and many more. The structure and content can be adjusted and designed to the needs and wishes of the research cluster members.

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Question: Why should I join (a) Research Cluster(s)?

Over a thousand researchers and PhD candidates are member of the SENSE network. The research that is done within SENSE is highly interdisciplinary and covers a broad range of topics.

The SENSE Research Clusters help you effectively connect to the relevant people in the SENSE network. Each cluster deals with a certain research topic or field.

Through the Research Clusters you can:

  • Stay informed about what is going on
  • Attend cluster activities and meetings such as symposia, short courses, seminars and ‘meet & greets’
  • Communicate actively with other researchers on your topic, look for cooperation possibilities and learn from each other
  • Organize activities within the cluster, such as symposia, seminars, courses, etc. These activities are coordinated by the cluster coordinators.
  • Share your own ideas and questions with other cluster members via the forum
  • Contribute to the literature library or hot topic discussions

Being subscribed to a cluster group page means that you will receive regular updates from activities on the page (in the settings of your Moodle profile you can adjust the frequency of updates). You are free to join more Research Cluster pages (follow the instructions on the page itself) or to unsubscribe if you no longer like to receive information.

Some of these research clusters are in development and do not yet have a cluster coordinator, please let us know if you are interested in participating in them (info@sense.nl).

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Question: How do I announce my event on the SENSE Research Clusters?

A post with the relevant Research Clusters is an effective way to target the right audience in SENSE. You can post the event in the Forum of that Research Cluster. All cluster members will receive an e-mail about your post unless they have chosen to unsubscribe from the forum.

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the Research Clusters and to the relevant* cluster page(s)
  3. Click on ‘Forums’ (under Activities, left hand side) and post your event (with relevant links) in ‘Forum RC...’.

* If your event is relevant for all SENSE Research Clusters, send an email to info@sense.nl, to publish your event on the general SENSE website and e-News!

You can also put the final registration date and course dates on the cluster’s Calendar. When participants log in, they will see this (and calander events of all clusters they are subscribed to) in their personal moodle calendar.

On the cluster page, click on ‘New Event’ (under Upcoming Events, right hand side). Add a ‘Course event’.

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Question: Guest enrollment

Participation in a SENSE Research Cluster may also be open to interested experts and/or stakeholders who are not a member of the SENSE network.

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Question: I do not receive email notifications from SENSE portal. What can I do?

To find all email messages from the SENSE portal, it may be a good idea to check your spam box regularly. Another and even better option is to add the sender to the 'safe senders' list in your email software.

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