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With this Q&A we offer you a tool to easily find your way SENSE.

If you cannot find your question, or the answer does not help, please send a message to info@sense.nl


Question: How do I register with SENSE as a PhD?

If you are a PhD at one of the SENSE partner institutes, you can register with SENSE taking the following steps:

  1. Create an account at http://myportal.sense.nl/login/index.php. At the bottom right you can click on “Create new account”.
  2. Fill in all details, including the "Personal information SENSE PhD candidates" and the "Project information SENSE PhD candidates".
  3. After you filled in the form and created your new account, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email you need to click on the link to confirm your account.
  4. Enrol for the “My PhD Roadmap”. Here you will find a stepwise guide through your PhD.
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Question: Can I apply for a PhD position with SENSE?

Not directly. The SENSE Research School is a partnership of 11 Dutch universities and institutes. You have to apply with one of them to become a SENSE PhD candidate: if your PhD supervisor (promotor) is a professor at one of the SENSE partner institutes, then (on this basis) you will be admitted as a SENSE PhD candidate.

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Question: I forgot my password. Can you help me?

Click on 'Forgotten you username or password?' on the login page. You will receive an e-mail with instructions to set a new password.

If this doesn't work please send an email to info@sense.nl.

Since this website is online since June 2014, please indicate if your request concerns this website, or the former one.

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Question: What is the PhD Roadmap?

The PhD Roadmap is a guidance tool for SENSE PhD candidates, with information, tips and tools to support you throughout your PhD project.

It comprises:

  • How to develop your SENSE TSP
  • How to get introduced into the SENSE network
  • How to get active in SENSE
  • How to keep on track
  • How to obtain your SENSE diploma

You can enrol yourself in the PhD Roadmap and make full use of it without delay.

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Question: What is the TSP?

The TSP is your individual Training and Supervision Plan. In this plan you decide what training and education activities you will undertaken, and when, to develop your PhD competencies.

  • Find more general information about the TSP on the SENSE website
  • Register for "My PhD Roadmap" to get access to all modules within the PhD Roadmap
  • Develop your TSP in the module "Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) & SENSE Diploma"
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Question: I had a TSP on the former SENSE website, but I cannot login anymore. What should I do?

In June 2014 SENSE migrated to a new web platform, the general SENSE website and this secured environment: myportal.sense.nl.
The login and password of the former platform cannot be used here!

  1. If you did not make a backup of your TSP on the former website, please mail to info@sense.nl to retrieve a copy of your TSP in pdf.
  2. If you want to apply for your SENSE diploma based on your TSP on the former website, please mail to info@sense.nl for a SENSE Diploma application form.
  3. If you want to update your TSP based on your TSP on the former website, please create a new account here, subscribe to My PhD Roadmap and download the new TSP form in fillable pdf format from the TSP module.
    • If your TSP was not approved yet, you can submit it for approval.
    • If it was already approved, you can store it locally and adjust it whenever you want, and/or upload it in the TSP module.

To save you time, the new TSP form is also your SENSE Diploma application form: at the end of your PhD you only have to add information concerning your graduation and send it to us.

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Question: How can I apply for my SENSE Diploma?
  1. Go to the TSP module in the PhD Roadmap
  2. Complete your TSP with the details concerning your PhD graduation
  3. Submit it in the step "From TSP to SENSE Diploma"

N.B.: If you had an approved TSP on the former SENSE website, you need not make a new one in the PhD Roadmap, unless you want so yourself. Instead you can send a mail to info@sense.nl to obtain an "old style" SENSE diploma application form.

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Question: How do I find more PhD courses?

The general SENSE website functions among other things as a portal to find relevant PhD Courses.

A general tool to find courses, can be found here: http://www.sense.nl/courses/search

If you do not manage to find the courses that you need, then pls let us know and go to our survey at:
Continuous Course Survey: in which category would YOU like to see more courses offered?

Other direct links to available courses are:

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Question: Can I participate in a course if I'm not a SENSE member?

Yes, apart from the A1 and A2 courses you can, if you are a PhD.

You will pay the course fee for external participants.

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Question: How can I become eligible for a reduced course fee?

The SENSE school offers a reduced fee for SENSE PhD candidates with and approved TSP (Training and Supervision Plan).

When you do not yet have an approved TSP, may follow SENSE PhD courses for a reduced course fee, when you are within the first six months after the start of your PhD you. After six months, you will need to pay the full course fee.

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