• Workshop on Monitoring Droughts and Water ScarcityWater Scarcity workshop series

    The third workshop in the series took place on Tuesday March 27th, from 13:00 to 17:00 at IVM in Amsterdam.

    Research school SENSE organises a workshop series on Water Scarcity. The quarterly workshops are open to interested professionals, PhD-level students and last-stage MSc students in the water sciences. The series is hosted by the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM-VU) and supported by Amsterdam Water Science (AWS) and the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI-VU).

    The theme of the workshop isMonitoring Droughts & Water Scarcity”, and focuses on the measuring and monitoring of droughts and water scarcity impacts. 

    David Zetland (LUC) will be moderating the plenary presentation session,
    inviting the following keynote speakers:

    • Dr. Eveline van der Linden - KNMI
    • Celine Nobel - VanderSat
    • Ruben Goudriaan - eLEAF

    The plenary session will be live-streamed; you will be able to follow the presentations via this link:   (NEW!)

    The plenary session is followed by a hands-on workshop hosted by VanderSat

    on the use of satellite data to analyze changes in soil moisture in time and space.

    To register, please send your name and institute to:


    Marthe Wens
    Lars de Ruig
    Tadzio Holtrop
    Eline Haastrecht