• Research Cluster XX: Marine Research

    This Research Cluster is in development.

    Featuring subjects that are being developed and applied in this SENSE Research Cluster are, for example:

    • Marine water quality
    • marine ecology
    • impact assessment for the marine environment
    • marine systems and climate change
    • marine ecosystem dynamics
    • marine systems for pharma and food
    • marine symbiosis
    • marine governance

    We welcome experts in marine research to participate in this research cluster to exchange knowledge and stimulate new innovative developments (if you are not a member of the SENSE Research School but involved with this subject, then you are still welcome to enrol and participate in this research cluster).


    To read more about the SENSE research clusters in general, click HERE.

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    Coming soon...

    Participating researchers (Research Groups): research projects

    • Ellen Besseling (WU-AEW): Fate and effects of nano- and microplastic in the marine environment
    • Ariadna Szczybelski (WU-AEW): Development of Arctic biological indicators for the impact assessment of (new) human activities
    • Noël Diepens (WU-AEW): Evaluation of test methods for measuring toxicity to sediment organisms.
    • Ingrid van de Leemput (WU-AEW):  Dynamics of biotic-abiotic interactions in coral ecosystems: exploring the spatial dimension of resilience.
    • Joop Coolen (WU-AEW/ENP): Biodiversity and multifunctional use of old production platforms and new offshore wind farms
    • Marijke de Boer (WU-AEW/IMARES): Using systematic and opportunistic methods to study the abundance and distribution of whales and dolphins in under-recorded areas
    • Sophie Brasseur (WU-AEW/IMARES): Individuality in grey and harbour seals in the Netherlands, reflected in distribution, diving behaviour and diet
    • Mardik Leopold (WU-AEW/IMARES): You are what you eat - how seabirds, seals and porpoises exploit food sources available to them
    • Geert Aarts (postdoc IMARES): Impact of sound on marine mammal distribution in the North Sea: spatial and temporal modelling of grey seal, harbour seal and porpoise distribution in relation to environmental variables)
    • Mariska Weijerman (WU-ESA): A Pacific Coral Reef Ecosystem Model as a decision-support tool for ecosystem-based fisheries management
    • Folmer Krikken (WU-MAQ / ENR): Forecast quality and economical value of near-term Arctic climate predictions
    • Indra Firmansyah (WU-ETE / PRI): Zero nutrient discharge and total reuse of domestic waste(water) nutrients in agriculture and aquaculture in Caribbean Islands – a holistic planning tool. Case study St. Eustatius (Statia)
    • Sophie Marie Vonk (WU-TOX / LEI): Development of an area specific net environmental and economic benefit analysis (NEEBA) to support oil spil mitigation; with St Eustatius as example
    • Justine v Eenennaam (WU-TOX): Rational Application of Chemicals in Response to Oil Spills to Reduce Environmental Damage: Ecotoxicological Aspects
    • Marieke Zeinstra (WU-TOX): Dispersion of spilled oil at sea - effects of dispersants on the fate of oil in realistic conditions
    • Edwin Foekema (WU-TOX): Effects of POPs on recruitment success of Sole (Solea solea)
    • Naim Mohamad (WU-MIB): Exploring microbial diversity of marine sponges: Integrating innovative cultivation and functional microbiomics
    • Derya Ozuolmez (WU-MIB): Microbial interactions in anoxic marine sediments: Competition or teamwork?integrated modelling; participatory methods; uncertainty analysis; decision support
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      Coordinators and experts


      SENSE key experts:

      • Prof. Tinka Murk (WU-MAE)
      • Prof. Bart Koelmans (WU-AEW)
      • Prof. Peter Reijnders (WU-IMARES)
      • Prof. Han Lindeboom (WU-IMARES)
      • Prof. Jan van Tatenhove (WU-ENP)
      • Dr Detmer Sipkema (WU-MIB)

      Contact information:

      For more information about this research cluster, please contact Dr. Monique Gulickx (

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        Here you will be able to find interesting articles, links to books that are worth reading, presentations that caught your attention, etc. To suggest items that should be placed here, please follow the instructions mentioned below or send an email to the (technical) coordinators.

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