• SENSE Research Cluster X: Governance for Sustainable Development

    It is widely asserted that the nature of global sustainability governance is undergoing fundamental changes. There is a growing awareness that government regulation alone cannot bring about sustainable development. Instead, deep systemic changes in society demand new institutions that enable novel types of interaction between societal actors (e.g. companies, citizens, governments). Building on the concept of governance, participants in this cluster explore the risks and opportunities of new societal arrangements.

    This research field is fully embedded in societal developments. With a focus that combines actor behavior, interactions between actors and opportunities for intervention, governance research combines a high scientific complexity with a high societal relevance. Participants in this SENSE Research Cluster strive for scientific excellence, combined with clear societal communication.

    Research themes that are currently being developed and applied in this SENSE Research Cluster include, for example:

    • the role of companies, civil society and governments in the search for sustainable development
    • governance of sustainable development at local, national and international levels
    • the role of international relations and multilevel agreements in sustainable development
    • opportunities and limitations of transnational governance for sustainability management

    We welcome experts in governance for sustainable development to participate in this research cluster to exchange knowledge and stimulate new innovative developments (if you are not a member of the SENSE Research School but involved with this subject, then you are still welcome to enroll and participate in this research cluster).

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