• SENSE Research Cluster XII: Sustainable use and reuse of energy, material and resources - Cradle to Cradle approach

    There is a widespread demand for sustainable technological systems. It is a challenge to apply principles from bio-cycles, e.g. complete reuse of materials fueled by sustainable energy, in man-made production processes. Concepts like industrial ecology and the Cradle to Cradle approach are strategies to find sustainable solutions. Participants in this cluster explore possibilities and pitfalls of these strategies.

    This research field focuses on technology and innovation in relation to production processes and production chains. Researchers develop methods for technology evaluation, such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Technology Assessment (TA). Assessment and comparison of (international) production chains has a high scientific complexity. Sustainable technological systems are of high societal relevance. Participants in this SENSE Research Cluster strive for scientific excellence, combined with clear societal involvement.

    Featuring subjects, mechanisms and methods that are being developed and applied in this SENSE Research Cluster are, for example:

    • opportunities and limitations of technological innovations
    • opportunities and pitfalls of the Cradle to Cradle approach, by confronting such an approach with methods like Life Cycle Analysis
    • development of industrial production cycles, in analogy with biological cycles

    We welcome experts in the field of
    sustainable use and reuse of energy, material and resources to participate in this research cluster to exchange knowledge and stimulate new innovative developments (if you are not a member of the SENSE Research School but involved with this subject, then you are still welcome to enroll and participate in this research cluster).

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    Coordinators and experts


    • Vacant

    SENSE key experts:

    • Prof. Henk Moll (RUG-IVEM)
    • Prof. Gert Spaargaren (WU-ENP)
    • Prof. Adri van den Brink (WU-LAR)
    • Dr. Bas van Vliet (WU-ENP)
    • Prof. Roy Brouwer (VU-IVM-EE)
    • Dr Walter Vermeulen (UU)

    Contact information:

    For more information about this research cluster, please contact Dr. Monique Gulickx (

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      To illustrate the urgency and relevance of new developments in this field, below we present some of the emerging research questions that are currently challenging both science and society in the research domain of SENSE Research Cluster XII:

      1. What is the long-term contribution of energy- efficient technology to the realization of deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions?
        Scientific and societal relevance: Most modeling studies show that until 2030, about half of the reductions in anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have to come from energy efficiency. After 2030, the role is less clear. This is primarily due to a lack of understanding on how technology will develop and how this will affect energy demand. While many studies exist on future energy conversion and generation technologies, few exist on energy demand and use. This question tries to fill that gap. Addressing this question not only includes technology assessment (TA), but also thermodynamic analyses, economics, experience curves and other tools. This makes a multi-disciplinary approach essential.
      2. What is the potential for bio-productive systems that are serving more integrally the needs for food, feed, biomaterials and bio-energy? How will climate change influence the production, utilization and competition of bio-fuel crops?
        Scientific and societal relevance: The competition for land to satisfy our need for food, feed, materials and energy seems to become very fierce. Looking for bio-productive systems that are able to serve more of these needs together (or consecutively) may identify possibilities for enlarging the renewable supply of materials and energy. The impact of climate change on the production and utilization of bio-fuel crops, and consequently on competition with food crops, adds to the urgency of this research.
      3. What is the future contribution of bio-based materials to a more sustainable development of society?
        Scientific and societal relevance: Generally, the need to shift to renewable resources is seen as an important part of the drive towards a sustainable society. A prime example of this is the use of biomass for energy generation. However, the same biomass resource is needed for food and material-production (e.g. lumber, paper). New bio-based materials are developed to replace the fossil-fuel based materials such as plastics. We need to better understand the trade-offs between the different demands lace on the biomass resource, in order to optimize the contribution we can expect from this resource. This includes a better understanding of the characteristics of biomass resources, environmental impacts of production and use, the trade-offs between resource and energy use, as well as the interdependencies (e.g. recycling of paper frees up biomass for energy). A thorough analysis of these aspects is needed to evaluate the claims made on the biomass resource and availability, and to optimize its use.
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        Here you will be able to find interesting articles, links to books that are worth reading, presentations that caught your attention, etc. To suggest items that should be placed here, please follow the instructions mentioned below
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